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My IVA Adviser's mission is to give IVA Help and IVA Advice

Our website has been written with the primary objective of helping people in the UK understand more about Individual Voluntary Arrangements and how they work.

Our aim is to take the confusion out of the IVA process by offering help and advice via one-to-one telephone consultations to people who are trying to discover whether entering into an IVA is in their best interests.

During your consultation we will explain all the IVA pros and cons, when applied specifically to your personal circumstances, including how an IVA will impact on your personal credit rating, and we will explore the pros and cons of all the alternative debt solutions available to you.

There will be no pressure, no jargon and no sales gimmicks, just ethical, accurate and, above all, reliable advice.

Our small UK based hand-picked team have no sales targets, are not commission driven. Each of our advisers has substantial life experiences to draw on, which we believe is crucial when discussing real life issues with real people who are experiencing real debt problems.

If you should want to enter an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, we stress there will be no payments to be made before the successful outcome has been established. In essence No IVA = No Fee.

If you are still in the process of doing some research into the IVA process, why not take a look at our IVA articles. They cover the complete IVA subject from start to finish, offering a clear insight into some of the more complex areas of IVA’s, which other sites lack the knowledge or experience to be able to answer.

Alternatively, why not read through the IVA FAQs, written to help people find answers to the more common IVA questions.

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What is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a formal UK debt solution which acts as an alternative to bankruptcy.

Individual Voluntary Arrangements only helps people experiencing repayment difficulties with their unsecured debts.

Once the Individual Voluntary Arrangement has been accepted by the creditors they are legally bound by its terms - which amongst other things include a guarantee of frozen interest on all the unsecured debts, the suspension of late payment charges on all accounts in the agreement and the guarantee of no further legal action being taken against the applicant in relation to reclamation of any debt included in the arrangement.

An individual voluntary arrangement also protects property and other assets which could be vulnerable in a bankruptcy.

Most Individual Voluntary Arrangements comprise of a fixed repayment term, which is normally 5 years, and payments into it are based on affordability to the applicant. Once the Individual Voluntary Arrangement has been successfully completed all outstanding unsecured debts are written off - even if they have not been repaid through the repayments - leaving the applicant completely free of their unsecured debt problem.

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