Mortgage Articles

Here are some articles written specifically about obtaining a mortgage whilst on an IVA. We hope you'll find this information useful.

Mortgage Articles

Mortgages for IVAs
Trying to find out what mortgages are available to people in an IVA? This article explains the various mortgages that are available and highlights the details of each product.

Can you get a mortgage with an IVA?
A popular question with a detailed answer. A good starting point in the process of what things you might need to consider if you're thinking of applying for a mortgage

Can an IVA include a mortgage?
Here we explain why an IVA will be given priority status by your IVA and we take a look at those circumstances where an IVA can be used to tackle mortgage shortfalls caused by repossession.

What is equity?
Here we explain what equity is, and why it's so important to understand the affect being insolvent might. Helping you to keep one step ahead of your creditors.

Getting a mortgage with an IVA
If your are in an IVA and considering getting a mortgage, then this article will help you understand the obstacles you'll be up against and how to make sure there are no nasty surprises.