No IVA - No Fee

My IVA Adviser is proud to operate a No IVA - No Fee policy.

We promise that if your IVA is rejected by your creditors, there will be no fee to be paid.

How Does No IVA - No Fee Work?

Well, quite simply it means, if we believe that we'll be successful in getting your creditors to agree to your IVA, we will put forward your IVA proposal without charging you any upfront IVA fees.

If your IVA is declined by your creditors, by rejection at the Creditors' Meeting, then we'll not charge any fee for the work we have done up to that point.

Insolvency Practitioner fees

If your IVA is accepted by your creditors at the IVA Creditors' Meeting then, under the terms of your proposal, the Insolvency Practitioner's fees are paid for by your creditors.

They pay the IP's fees out of the money you pay back into the IVA. In fact, all IVA fees are paid in this way, even those set up by charities and Not For Profit organisations.

Full details of the IP's fees are detailed in the IVA proposal and payment of these fees is negotiated and agreed by creditors when they accept your IVA.

Why choose My IVA Adviser?

Our policy of No IVA - No Fee puts My IVA Adviser in the forefront of IVA companies offering IVA help and advice.

We have confidence in our own abilities and are prepared to stand by our professional judgement. Unlike some other companies, we feel that if our professional judgement lets you down, you shouldn't have to pay for it.

But Beware: There are many IVA companies who do not offer the same No IVA - No Fee guarantee as My IVA Adviser. Many will charge non-refundable upfront fees.

So make sure you do your homework when deciding which is the best IVA company to represent you.

Avoiding paying upfront fees

So how can you tell whether an IVA company will charge you fee for the work they are doing?

There is no easier way to find out than asking the question 'Does your company operate a No IVA - No Fee Policy?'

We understand that some people find asking questions on fees awkward, almost rude, but this really is one time when they shouldn't be shy.

We believe this 'fee issue' is a very import indicator of an IVA company's ethic. After all, how can an ethical IVA company charge a fee to an insolvent client, without providing the solution to their debt problem?

Professional IVA Help

Therefore, if you're looking for an IVA company that's willing to propose an IVA for you with a No IVA - No Fee guarantee call 0800 088 7503.

There's no charge for a consultation, there's no obligation to act on our advice and your enquiry will be held in the strictest confidence.

Alternatively, complete this form and one of our advisers will call you at your preferred time.

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