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There are many different IVA providers, but if you are considering which IVA provider is best suited to helping you apply for an IVA, then you've come to the right place.

The team behind My IVA Adviser have been helping people understand IVAs for the last decade, and as a result have become the IVA provider of choice for well over a thousand people.

IVA Provider Of Choice

So what is it about My IVA Adviser that makes what we offer so much better than the other IVA providers? Here's just a few points detailing just some of the benefits you'll experience by using our IVA services.

  • No Up-Front Fees.
    Whilst the majority of IVA providers still charge unscrupulous and excessive up-front fees for the advice they provide, My IVA Adviser still refuses to do so. We believe it is an immoral practice to charge up-front fees for IVA advice so, irrespective of how much of our service you use, there will be no up-front fees for the advice we give you. As one of the UK's leading IVA providers, the team at My IVA Adviser take pride in our No Fee - No IVA policy.
  • Expert IVA Service.
    The team at My IVA Adviser offer an unparalleled IVA service for, not only are we be able to assist our clients through the initial stages of setting up an IVA, but we don't stop there. We offer a completely free 'IVA buddying' service throughout the full term of the IVA. Our clients benefit from the support of their adviser for the full duration of the IVA process, from day one right through to the successful completion of their IVA.
  • Expert IVA Advisers.
    Our advisers, quite simply, are the best. With levels of expertise gleaned over many years of helping people enter and then successfully complete their IVAs, our advisers provide their IVA experience for the full term of your IVA, whenever they might be needed, including during annual reviews.
  • Solid IVA Advice.
    The IVA advice we provide will be as you need it, straight talking, reliable and honest. Our advisers are not commission driven, unlike some other IVA providers and, therefore, there's no incentive for them to provide bad IVA advice in order to receive a higher income. This, we believe, should enable you to have confidence in what you are being advised and, in turn, allow you to make sound judgements based on solid facts.
  • No Pressure Sales.
    Unlike other IVA providers, we do not apply any sales pressure to our advisers for, we believe, this is completely inappropriate. We do not have a huge call centre either, so when our clients are assigned an adviser, they represent them throughout the IVA journey. We believe this gives our clients the reassurance that their IVA adviser will continue to have their best interests at heart throughout the IVA process.

It's this level of customer service that sets My IVA Adviser apart from other IVA providers.

But, if you are still considering which IVA provider is best suited to helping you, then follow this link and read this article explaining how to make practical comparisons between the different IVA providers in order to find the best IVA company for you.

Professional IVA Advice

If you would like to have a chat with one of the team here at My IVA Adviser, please call 0800 088 7503.

Alternatively, simply complete this form and one of our advisers will contact you at your preferred time.

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