IVA advisers and how to find the best IVA consultant

If you're thinking of entering into an IVA, making sure you get the correct advice is essential.

As obvious as it may seem, the quality of the IVA advice you'll receive will depend completely on the experience of the IVA adviser giving it.

The more experience your adviser has, the better chance they'll be able to guide you and protect you from the potential pitfalls of entering into an IVA.

High Volume IVA Factories

In an ever increasingly competitive market place, finding a quality IVA adviser with a thorough knowledge of the IVA subject is getting more difficult.

As awareness of the IVA debt solution has increased and more people apply for IVAs, many of the smaller Insolvency Practices have struggled for market share and have been swallowed up by dominant IVA Factories in their thirst for greater volume.

But, unfortunately, this strategy has had an impact on the levels of advice being given and, on some occasions lead to IVA advisers being thrust into the front line without sufficient knowledge or experience to provide competent IVA advice.

In the interests of providing a balanced view, it's fair to say there are some good IVA advisers in some IVA factories but, equally, there are plenty of less capable ones too, which means it'll be a matter of pot luck for the applicant.

Finding the best IVA company

So really, perhaps, the question you should be asking is 'How do I find the best IVA company for me?'

Some of the larger firms are now fully dependent on computer based filtering systems. The computer process information provided by the client and uses an algorithm to determine the best solution, almost removing the advisers role altogether.

The team behind My IVA Adviser believes that failing to provide a personal touch from dedicated advisers is a cold and calculated way of dealing with sensitive issues.

Providing a compelling argument for using a smaller firm that offers a bespoke service, with experienced IVA advisers, from the point of first contact.

Experience is everything

Choosing your IVA adviser also holds a personal element, as you may have to divulge personal as well as financial details, So feeling at ease with your adviser is very important.

IVA experience is also a major factor in getting good quality advice. Every IVA is unique, so it takes many years to build up a good experience level.

Add to this the need for good life experience too. You need to be sure your adviser has the right blend of life experience to, otherwise their lack of experience could leave you exposed.

Professional IVA Advisers

The team behind My IVA Adviser are seasoned professionals. Over the past 10 years we've assisted thousands of people to successfully enter IVAs based on their personal circumstances.

We offer a bespoke IVA service, where your IVA adviser stays with you throughout your IVA journey, until it successfully completes and you're debt free.

Your journey to debt freedom starts with a chat with your adviser and, together you'll explore how an IVA will impact on your personal circumstances.

You'll also be given a breakdown of the pros and cons of each of your alternatives along the way.

There's no charge for a consultation, there's no obligation to act on the advice you're given and your enquiry will be held in the strictest confidence.

If you would like to have a chat about your personal situation with an IVA specialist, please call 0800 088 7503 or, alternatively, complete this form and one of the team will call you back at your preferred time.

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