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Pros And Cons Of An IVA

Understanding the Pros and Cons of an IVA is often considered the very first step in determining whether an IVA will be the most suitable solution to a given debt problem. This article looks at both sides of the IVA solution to provide a balanced view point for those wondering whether an IVA is in their best interests. Read more.

No IVA - No Fee

Ever heard the expression 'No Win - No Fee'? Well this article explains the benefits of My IVA Adviser's 'No IVA- No Fee' policy who, unlike most other IVA providers, still manage to set the standard of IVA advice without the need to charge direct fees to you, our clients. Read more.

IVA Fees

Are you trying to understand what fees are associated with the IVA process, who charges the fees and who has to pay them? Well this article should help you get to grips with the IVA fee structure and how it works. Read more.

IVAs and the Self Employed

An IVA can be a great way for the self employed trader to keep their unsecured creditors at bay whilst allowing them to continue to trade. It enables them to keep control of their cash flow whilst dealing with their debts. Read more.

One-off payment IVAs

A one-off payment IVA provides an excellent alternative to the normal 5 year contribution based IVA. It works by eliminating a serious debt problem with a single 'one-off' payment, yet provides all the normal IVA benefits. Read more.

The IVA specialists

Quite simply, My IVA Adviser are the IVA specialists - helping thousands of people each month find their way through the complicated world of IVAs. Call 0800 088 7503 for independent IVA advice. Read more.

IVA preparation

The preparation of an IVA is one of the most important aspects of ensuring your IVA will be accepted by your creditors. Good preparation is the key to a successfully IVA application and this article is the place to start. Read more.

The IVA application process

My IVA Adviser specialises in taking the stress out of your IVA application. Our experienced advisers will guide you through the potential minefield of an IVA application, using all their experience of the IVA process. Read more.

Has your IVA been rejected?

If your IVA has been rejected call My IVA Adviser on 0800 088 7503 to discuss your options. Our experience in restructuring rejected IVA proposals could mean you still stand a chance of achieving your goal. Read more.

Learning to live without credit

Some people who enter an IVA might find it difficult to cope with the concept of living within a fixed financial budget. This article discusses some of the techniques to help you adjust to a life without access to credit. Read more.

Have you been refused an IVA?

If you have been refused an IVA, the most important thing to remember is to stay calm. Just because you've been refused an IVA doesn't mean you can't try again. Contact My IVA Adviser to find out how we can help. Read more.

IVA: A friend in need

It's fair to say that people react differently to a crisis. Sometimes it might seem easier to bury your head in the sand, but this strategy seldom works. Read more.

HSBC's IVA policy explained

An update on HSBC's attitude towards IVAs, useful if HSBC control over 25% of your debt, as they will be able to control the outcome of the Creditors' Meeting. Read more.

IVA Advice Line Details.

For Immediate IVA advice contact My IVA Adviser, the IVA Specialists on 0800 088 7503 and ensure the advice you receive is of the highest quality. Read more.

What is the IVA database?

In line with the IVA regulations, every IVA is listed on a database. This IVA database contains general information on every live IVA as part of the public record. Read more.

Creditors try to fight back

Creditors can use tactics to restrict the levels of IVAs when they feel there's an imbalance in the number of cases being proposed. This article explores the issue. Read more.

Advertising clamp down for IVA factories

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has criticised 17 debt remedy companies for misleading customers and has issued an ultimatum to several others to smarten up their act. Read more.

MBNA's IVA policy explained

After years of resisting the increasing numbers of IVAs My IVA Adviser has learned credit provider MBNA have now agreed to bring their acceptance criteria into line. Read more.

What is meant by a Government IVA?

Why do people use the expression 'Government IVA'? Because IVAs form part of the 1986 Insolvency Act and is therefore sanctioned by Government through the statute. Read more.

Is there an IVA Charity?

Most enquiries to My IVA Adviser about Charity IVAs stem from a misconception that IVAs are provided free through Charity. This article explores the truth. Read more.

Are you trying to find clear debt advice?

Now that we're living in the information age, getting good 'impartial' debt advice should be straight forward, but it can be anything but. This article shows the way. Read more.

Beware of IVA forums

IVA Forums are becoming more popular as an information resource for IVAs, the problem is, who's giving the advice and are they actually qualified to be giving help in this way? Read more.

How an IVA damages your credit file

How an will IVA affect your credit file? Once you enter into an IVA your credit file will be affected and this article discusses exactly how an IVA does the damage. Read more.

What are the downsides of an IVA?

The IVA downside that's most often pointed out is the rigid payment terms of the IVA. Household budgets are seldom consistent, so you'll need to be disciplined throughout. Read more.

The 5 main IVA drawbacks

IVA drawbacks are few when compared to the advantages an IVA can offer. Nevertheless, it makes good sense to investigate the IVA drawbacks before you commit yourself. Read more.

Examples of how an IVA could change your life

There can be few IVA examples as compelling as our co-founder's personal IVA story, explaining how an IVA pretty much saved his life. His honest account is inspirational. Read more.

Top 10 key facts about IVAs

This article outlines the 10 key facts about IVAs and how they work. Take a look and find out whether an IVA can provide you with the solution to your debt problem. Read more.

The Citizens Advice Bureau and IVAs

The advisers at the Citizens Advice Bureau are limited in the IVA help they can give and they can only refer you to an Insolvency Practitioner to provide an IVA. Read more.

Is entering an IVA a good or bad idea

There are two good reasons why someone might choose to enter an IVA rather than declaring themselves bankrupt. Firstly, to protect a property and secondly to protect income. Read more.

IVA regulations provide protection

All legitimate IVA Companies must be regulated by the Office of Fair Trading and must hold a Firm Reference Number (FRN) if they want to offer debt counselling or debt advice to the public. Read more.

The common pitfalls of entering an IVA

Here we discuss what are agreed to be the accepted pitfalls of an IVA. If you're thinking of entering an IVA you should familiarise yourself with these pitfalls before you commit. Read more.

Debt help for Professionals.

IVAs were first introduced into the UK as part of the 1986 Insolvency Act, in part to provide an alternative solution for those professionals to whom bankruptcy is prohibited. Read more.

IVA Agreement

An IVA agreement offers someone with a serious debt problem the opportunity to reach a new, fixed term, repayment schedule with their creditors where repayments are based on affordability. Read more.

Settling an IVA

Not every IVA will be destined to last its full term. Occasionally it will be possible to settle an IVA early. Our article discusses the circumstances that might provide this opportunity. Read more.

Personal IVA

Every IVA is a personal IVA to the applicant. Individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) are, quite literally that, 'individual' to the personal circumstances of the applicant. Read more.

Car credit and IVAs

Understanding how an IVA will impact on car credit agreement can be really important. This article discusses the different aspects of car credit and IVAs and how they can work together. Read more.

Compare IVA companies

You really don't want to opt for the wrong IVA company if you can help it. When you're at your most vulnerable you need to know you can trust the IVA advice you're being given. Read more.

The legislation behind an IVA

The legislation underpinning an IVA is often what makes it so attractive to the applicant. It's the legislation that protects the applicant from further creditor actions. Read more.

Definition of an IVA

An IVA is a formal debt solution designed to assist people with severe debt problems. With payments based on affordability, over a fixed term, an IVA can offer substantial debt relief. Read more.

IVA Bank Accounts

IVA bank accounts, or more accurately, bank accounts available for people in an IVA, can sometimes be awkward to open. This article discusses the potential issues in opening a new account. Read more.

Tips on setting your IVA budget

Setting the IVA budget is crucial because if the IVA budget is unaffordable from the outset there will inevitably be trouble in maintaining the IVA payments during the term of the IVA. Read more.

The problems behind IVA loans

Is it possible to take out a loan during an IVA? Unfortunately not. This article discusses the obligations an IVA puts upon an applicant and the repercussions that might be met if the IVA is breached. Read more.

What is the legal position of an IVA?

Due to its 'formal' nature, once accepted by the required majority, the IVA legally binds all parties to the terms offered in the IVA proposal, including those creditors wo may have rejected the IVA proposal. Read more.

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The consequences of an IVA

Each person entering an IVA should explore the consequences of an IVA to ensure they understand how the consequences will effect them. This article examines the consequences, both positive and negative. Read more.

IVA Providers

If you are considering which IVA provider is best positioned to provide your IVA, look no further. My IVA Adviser is the IVA provider of choice. We've assisted thousands of others and can help you too. Read more.

Low Cost IVA

Here at My IVA Adviser we are keen to provide low cost IVAs whenever possible. Keeping the costs as low as possible, whilst still maintaining the highest standards is our aim, as this article highlights. Read more.

How to calculate your minimum IVA payment

In essence, we use an IVA calculation to establish what your IVA payments will be. This article explains how we calculate your IVA payment to be affordable yet capable of satisfying your creditors. Read more.

Applying for an IVA in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland forms part of the UK and implements the same insolvency laws as the mainland. This entitles residents of the province to benefit from the IVA process as an alternative to bankruptcy. Read more.

Problems with IVAs

Problems with IVAs can take many forms but, in our experience, relate mainly to payment issues. This article highlights the difficulties of living within a structured financial regime an offers advice on how to cope. Read more.

Paying off an IVA early

Paying off an IVA early is quite common place and normally stems from a change in circumstances or the opportunity to introduce 3rd party funds from friends or family in the form of a settlement offer. Read more.

Block voting by creditors

What happens when creditors vote tactically? Well, if a group of small value creditors gang together the can vote in unison to achieve their aim. This is called block voting and can sometimes be problematic. Read more.

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