IVA: A friend in need

It's fair to say that people react differently to a crisis.

Sometimes it may seem easier to bury your head in the sand and hope the problem will go away, but in most situations, this tactic will only make the situation worse, which this is certainly the case when it comes to a financial crisis.

Creditor Pressures

Unfortunately, creditors will not give up trying to recover their debt just because they are being ignored.

Instead they simply increase the pressure, until they can't be ignored any longer.

Creditor tactics

There are various ways in which they will apply pressure, with each stage representing an increase in the urgency they want you to deal with the problem.

Firstly they will write polite letters asking why they aren’t receiving payments, offering the chance to discuss the issues at hand and make arrangements to get things back on track.

If there's still no response they'll begin making contact by telephone, trying to pressure you into making payments.

This level of pressure will often work for the creditors, because it's very difficult to completely avoid creditor calls so, sooner or later, you'll end up talking to them.

Creditors usually incentivise their staff to get payments there and then, making it even more difficult to dodge making a payment.

Creditors will even call when you're at work if they have your contact number, without any regard for the embarrassment this may cause.

Take this link for advice on dealing with creditor calls

Debt Collection Agencies DCAs

Should the actions above fails to get a satisfactory response, the creditors will pass the debt over to a debt collection agency.

These companies can be even more ruthless in their approach and trying to arrange visits to your home is not an uncommon tactic.

Often the DCA will actually be part of the same company structure as the original creditor where the debt collection has, in essence, been moved from one department to another.

But there are independent DCAs that specialise in recovering bad debt and they can be very tough to deal with.

Representatives from these companies can be extremely aggressive over the telephone, making threats legal action specifically designed to intimidate you into making a payment.

Call My IVA Adviser

It's at times like this you need a friend. Someone to fight your corner with you and give guidance to you through sound advice.

We specialise in assisting people in financial difficulties by helping them understand the options they have in dealing with their debts head on.

We're a small team professional debt advisers, specialising in the IVA solution.

When we talk to people we don't pass judgement up on them as, often, this will be the first time a person has actually spoken to anyone about their debt problem.

We really do appreciate that these first steps can be the most difficult to take.

This is why we carefully select our advisers to ensure they uphold the highest standards of advice and professionalism.

Professional IVA advice

If you'd like to explore your options, why not give us a call today on 0800 088 7503.

If you'd like to explore the option of an IVA, but aren't sure you qualify, click here. You might also benefit from taking a look at our debt calculator. The calculator is a powerful tool that will help you focus on the most favourable debt solution for your circumstances.

Alternatively, you could simply complete this form and an adviser will call you at your preferred time.

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