Bankruptcy Articles

Below are a collection of articles written to help you get a deeper understanding of the bankruptcy subject. We hope you find them useful.

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Understanding Bankruptcy

Who Is The Official Receiver?
Have you ever wonder who the Official Receiver (OR) is and/or what their role is in the bankruptcy process? This article details the role the Official Receiver plays in the bankruptcy process, highlights their powers and describes what you can expect during your interview with the OR.

IVA or Bankruptcy: Which is the best solution for me?
The process of deciding which of these two solutions offers you the most appropriate method to resolve your debt problem can be very confusing. By comparing both options, this article will help you decide which option you prefer.

What Is The Enterprise Act?
Introduced into UK insolvency law in 2004, the Enterprise Act ushered in significant changes to the bankruptcy process. This article gives a brief outline of the changes and explains the differences the changes will make to you.

Women and the stigma of bankruptcy.
In this modern age, many women are finding the need to petition for bankruptcy when they fall victim to changes in their circumstances. This article explores the aspect of concern for many - the stigma they perceive being bankrupt carries.

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